About Carrier Pigeon

This company was created by two average people that are just like you. There is nothing spectacular about our lives, we don’t possess any special accolades or awards. We simply love literature and writing of various styles and want to share our ideas with people and inspire others do the same. With this ideas we thought that it would be great to receive constructive criticism in efforts to help support each other as we improve our art form of writing and have others do the same. This is us and we hope you have enjoyed the preview. Oh, and we love Pigeons. Thanks for checking us out

The Carrier Pigeon Team

Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire the world through writing. To encourage text through its many art forms where words come alive through the richness of writing. To relinquish the confined barriers of imitated writing and exude the new quality innovation of writing.

Mission Statement

Carrier Pigeon offers global opportunities for the innovative, traditional & non – traditional, engaged reader and writer. Our intent is to make an immeasurable connection with people in the world through text. Text that impacts societies that provoke critical thinking. We maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.