Mother, please cut it out, I know that you are a liar. As a matter of fact and not fiction, you are a habitual liar with ease and persuasion. Mom, the lies that you tell actually have a backstory and I find that really strange. Let me first start off by saying, mother I know that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, St. Nick, Chris Cringle or whatever you want to call him. The secret is out; he does not exist; never has; never will. For all I know Chris Cringle could be one of your old boyfriends from school, or someone that you cheated on my dad with when I was little, so please stop using his name around us in December. The reason for celebrating Christmas is because it’s the day that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born, not about some guy that goes around the world in one night delivering presents to all the kids. I mean come on mother; we didn’t even have a freaking chimney on our house.

Mother, please stop having us come outside and find eggs that you have stayed up and colored and decorated the night before. There is nothing that exists about “The Great Easter Bunny.” I mean come on mother, I have seen a bunny and he hasn’t the first idea about how to color and hide an egg. And for the record, bunnies don’t even like eggs they eat carrots and other stuff but not stupid eggs. Easter is celebrated because it’s the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. See, Jesus was crucified on the cross and buried on a Friday, and Sunday he rose from the grave with all power in his hands. So try to get it right for next year please, and no more stinky boiled, why you don’t make a potato salad if you just have to boil eggs for Easter.

You see mom, I’m just trying to help you out by returning the favor that you did for me by teaching me that it’s never okay to tell a lie. You taught me that there is no lie worth telling, that we must always tell the truth no matter how much it hurts, so no matter how much this enlightenment hurts you, I must tell you the truth about your lying.

Please mother, help me help you, help me help you; I know, I know you don’t get it.

Mom, little lies begin to turn into big lies that keep on going until they catch up with you and spiral out of control. Like the time you lied to me about not having any money, but you somehow always end up at the casino playing those coin machines.

Even better what about when you told me that you wanted to spend time with your grandson, but when I came to pick him up, you were nowhere to be found. You left him upstairs with a house full of under aged children. Yeah they are my nieces, but you said you wanted to spend time with My Child. I will never forget how great I felt when I gave my son to you so that you could spend quality time with him for the first time in his life since he was born. I walked away thinking to myself, wow, maybe my mom is not so bad of a person after all; maybe I should have given her the benefit of the doubt for all of her years of lying and deceit. My mother is finally coming around; maybe she does really love me and my family, but just has an unusual way of showing it. I thought to myself that things are getting better. Then after returning to pick up my son, I will never forget walking into this two story house where the door was left open, and hearing loud music from the street as I walked inside, and seeing children running around everywhere. I asked where is my son? Keke said, oh he is upstairs sleep. I felt heartbreaking pain from the lack of supervision in the house, and the thought that my child could possibly be upstairs hurt or crying and no one could hear him because the music was so loud, and no one cared enough to check on him. So then I look around don’t see you mom, so I then ask, where is my mother? And again Keke says that you are gone to the store to look around, and I became infuriated with anger and disappointment. I must admit that I hated you at that point because you lied to me when the lie was not even necessary. I didn’t ask you to watch my son, you offered your time to me, and claimed that you wanted to spend time with your grandson so that you could get to know him. I walked upstairs, picked up my son and thanked God that he wasn’t hurt or crying, and walked out of the door in tears with pain in my heart that was so heavy upon my spirit that I couldn’t sleep at all that night. You didn’t even call the next day or for weeks to see if I was okay with what you did. You didn’t even think enough of me to call and explain why you left my son alone with teenagers.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time that you told me that you were coming to my son’s pre-k graduation, and you went to Tampa, to the Hard Rock Casino. I remember waiting on you and telling my son that grandma is coming to your graduation. He was so happy and excited. The graduation began and no grandma. The graduation hit it high point in performances from my son class, and no grandma. Finally the graduation ended with the students walking up to receive their certificates and still, no grandma. Afterwards I had to explain to my son after he asked what happened to grandma that I’m sure that you had a good reason for not showing up. Maybe you had something important to do. The following week my heart dropped to the very pit of my stomach when my baby sister Heather told me that you went to the Hard Rock Café in Tampa, Florida to gamble. I guess that was more important, but even if it was you didn’t have to lie and say that you were coming.

I don’t think I will ever forget how we were at the doctor’s office and I was enduring terrible body ache pains, cold sweats, and fever with dry cough. The light in the room was overwhelmingly bright that it hurt my eyes, so I had to keep my eyes closed. The doctor said that I needed x-rays done on my chest, so I got wheeled in a wheel chair to the x-ray department; “I need you to lie down on the table” said the x-ray technician with a light and squeaky voice. I got out of the wheel chair and lay down on the cold, hard table. Sharp pains ran down my back into my legs from the cold and uncomfortable table. “Now hold your breath” so I can snap the picture said the same lady with the squeaky voice. I did. “Breathe” she said, and I did. “You are all done” she said, so you pushed me back to my room. After a few minutes of suffering, coughing, and praying; the doctor comes in and says “You have pneumonia and must be taken to the hospital immediately; we will fill out all of the paperwork for you so just go ahead and check in at the hospital.” So we get in the truck, drive to the hospital and check in as instructed, and once place in a room. You call in for work for the remainder of that week while standing beside me, but you then leave and never came back.

Mom, I really hope that you can see the pattern here. Now here’s the time where you go take a time out, and think about what you have done, and how dishonesty hurts you as well as other people; especially myself in particular, but before you go I want you to know that it’s okay if you really don’t like me as your daughter or if you don’t like me at all. That’s okay with me because I didn’t ask to be born with you as my mother. But since we are connected together I thought we should make the best of it, but since you don’t want to be peaceful about this situation then that’s ok as well. Mom, here is something that you probably don’t know about me. Most of the times that you told me lies about something for you benefit, I knew that you were lying, and lying for your personal benefit make you a liar and a selfish person.

How is this for a headline in the Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper; right on the front page?

“Hypocritical Mother of Three Children;
Makes Lying and Selfishness a Habit.”

I want to post this as the first cover story on the news every time you tell a lie. Mom you have told so many lies that I have taken time out of my life to really research lying and its effects on others as well as its effects and the liar. This has damaged me so badly that I have serious trust issues with other people. It doesn’t matter how the person looks, talks, walks; the personality or character of the person doesn’t matter; and the time period in which I have known the person doesn’t matter and that’s in large part because I’ve known you my entire life, and you have been a liar ever since I can remember. I don’t trust anyone MOM, and it’s your entire fault. I even have developed anxiety because of my experiences with you. I even have a hard time working with other people in a group because I don’t trust them to complete their part or section of the project. There was even a time in my life when I expected people to lie to me because I thought that lying and persuasion was natural. Through all of my experiences and learning, I had to learn that I was not the problem, that the lying, deceitful person and their lies were the problem. I had to learn that I didn’t deserve this type of treatment from you or anyone else. Lying is a disease mom, and you need rehabilitation, medication, and interpretation of you problem. Lying can spread negatively like cancer or aides to people around you. What I mean is that your disease is affecting us in a negative way, and eventually your condition will get so bad that we will be exhausted with trying to rehabilitate you. I’m sorry to say mother that eventually you will end up all alone with no one to lie to or deceive anymore. We will not tolerate you anymore. I cannot stomach another lie from you at all. You know, I have often wondered after all of these years of lying did you have some sort of angle, or deep dark secret. Were you really trying to push us away from you secretly, and didn’t want anyone to find out openly? Were you lied to as a child, and your parents never corrected their lies to you, so you in turn picked up their bad habit? This is not the type of family tradition that I wanted passed down through the generations because it is only going to destroy our family and tear it apart. I really wish that you weren’t blinded by your own selfishness so that you could see the error of your ways.

We are tired of your disease, and it needs correction. The bible tells me that a liar will not tarry in the sight of God. This means you have no chance of going with Jesus when you die unless you correct this problem. The Ten Commandments says “thou shalt not lie” this means that every time that you tell a lie you are committing sin in the sight of God. We love you mom, and Jesus does too, but we all want you better. We want you free from sin, lying and deceit. We want you loving, caring, honest and considerate.

Mom, all I’m trying to say is that I know that there is some good inside of you because I have seen it. I ‘m not exactly sure if you have tried to erase it, or bury it beneath hurt and defeat; I feel that it may still be there. I can remember when we were children and you stayed up all night the before the Thanksgiving Holiday cooking us this beautiful feast to eat and enjoy, and you knew that you wouldn’t be able to eat any of it because you had to go to work on Thanksgiving morning. Also, the numerous arguments with dad over not giving him money because you weren’t going to allow your children to go hungry, without lights or be put out on the streets; when you woke us up early on Christmas Morning so that you could watch us open our gifts because you had to report to work on Christmas day and you wouldn’t see us again until Christmas evening. The ultimate sacrifice is when you had come home from work and we could see that you were exhausted, and you immediately went into the kitchen and started to cook dinner for us. You placed us all at the table as usual to eat, but what was unusual was that you place was empty. You continued to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen while me and my sisters ate dinner. I asked you when you were coming to eat dinner with us, and that I wasn’t going to eat my dinner yet, that I would wait for you to come to the table to eat so we could eat together. I remember you saying mommies not hungry, but you go ahead and eat before the food gets cold, but I could hear the growling of your stomach, and could see the glossy tears that had surfaced in the corners of your eyes.

These are the memories that have given me hope over the years that there is a reason for your change in behavior; that you do love me and my sister; that deep down inside you do care; why else would you make sacrifices of this magnitude for children you don’t love? These are the memories that bring tears to my eyes because I thought I had the greatest mom in the world.

I understand now that I put you on a pedestal that no mother in this world could ever stand on, after all of this heartache and pain I now realize that my parents have flaws just as all parents do because they are not perfect at all, and that’s okay, but I do want you to get better. A much as I feel that you don’t care too much about me, I am will to help you work through this as a team. Please know and understand that being hurt is not the same as being angry, and I am not angry with you at all. I am hurting because I feel like I am missing out on the best parts about my mom.

I am missing out on hanging out with my mom, being funny with my mom, going shopping with my mom, traveling with my mom, and most importantly just talking with my mom about everyday situations in life. Learning and gaining motherly wisdom from my mom. But for now, you must go to you house, go to your room, and take your time out; think about what you have done, how it has hurt us; yourself , and how we can correct this problem; take your bible with you.